I am Armin Warnecke,

concepter and human-centered innovation designer from Hamburg, Germany.

Human centered innovation design is what I call the combination of an analytical and creative process and the focus on the human experience to find sustainable solutions that are valuable for people, brands and businesses.

Each word in the description "human centered innovation designer" plays an important role which defines the combined meaning. "Human" is from which point of view I see all my projects. I am an empathic, open minded person and try to understand each stakeholders needs and wants to make sure I can find the best possible fit for everyone involved. "Centered" stands for the importance of this view for the process and the product, even if a project starts with the implementation of a new technology. "Innovation" to me is forward thinking to find sustainable solutions to today's and tomorrows problems and improve quality of life. The word „Design" is used in many contexts today, but here it stands for the original meaning, the process of transforming inspiring ideas into solutions while considering all of the above.

How can we increase the usability of public spaces and reduce urban light pollution?

A digital safety-net for medication on physical and mental health.

A paradigm shift to improve the doctor-patient interaction for ultrasound exams.

How can 3D-tech help to improve the process of minimal invasive surgeries?

How can shipping be more sustainable, ecologically as well as economically?

Designing data to be a learning experience outside the personal comfort zone.

Senior designer at design for human nature.

I joined the dfhn team in 2016 to work on solving design and sustainability related business challenges with a human focus, from FMCG to Architecture, from consumer goods to interaction and service design.

In 2018 I entered a couple of design competitions with my master thesis project "LP_01 - urban public lighting system"

Speaker at C2C seminar.

For a group of students I gave a glimps into the role of design in creating a circular economy and where it can help to apply the C2C paradigm. It’s about simplicity, clarity and adaptability.

Leuphana, Lueneburg, Germany

Master of Arts - Medical and Interface Design

From April 2014 until September 2016 I studied at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design to sharpen my tools and mind for human centered innovation.

Industrial Design Internship at Essential Inc.

Over the course of the internship I worked on future concept development for Siemens and Philips as well as product design for Jardin and Cyphy and digital experience research.

Siemens Cooperation

Semester project with Siemens on the future of ultrasound technology and innovative doctor-patient interaction patterns

Co-Founder of  I M  P R I N Z I P

In Spring 2014 two friends of mine and I started a studio called IM PRINZIP. We combined our skills of communication design and industrial design to create holistic solutions to design challenges. The following two years we worked for a couple of clients, brought one product to market, developed several concepts and were nominated for the Innovation Award at the FIBO 2015.

Bachelor of Arts - Industrial Design

The exciting starting point of my journey to where I am now was in 2011, from which point on I acquired a range of tools to be able to design methodically and purposefully from digital to physical.

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