Winter 2014 / 2015

Why do surgeons look away from the patient during minimal invasive surgeries?

MEDIS is a specialized imaging concept for transnasal tumor removal surgeries which enables surgeons to navigate the brain more precise by displaying its structure in relation to the tool on a 3D-Display located around the patients head.


The medical work environment experienced increasingly robotic „enhancements“ over the last years. Some operations are still performed entirely by surgeons due to the high precision needed on very little space for movement. Although the endoscopic surgery is less invasive it contains illogical phases in its process. A short research into the process shifted this projects key objectives further towards accurate imaging and neuro navigation. For example, the surgeon and his assistant work downwards into the head while looking straight forward towards the monitors. This split of attention seems like a setup for potential errors.

While the images themselves are highly useful and supportive their display and presentation are far away from the center of action. The key question was focused on the gap between action and information (as shown in the graphics below) while the inspiration for the solution came from "new" technologies.


True 3D-Display Technology

High-Quality 3D Printing




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