Summer 2015

A medical device; developed from the patients point of view!

The USX_V concept considers the quality of interaction and achieves a new form of comfort during a diagnosis process for both the radiologist and the patient. It displays a radical approach to making the doctors visit an experience of comfort and well being.


The USX_V-Experience is an ultrasound concept developed around the point of view of a patient AND the point of view of the doctor. This approach enables the introduction of an entirely new atmosphere in which the diagnosis process becomes part of the contextual process, the contextual process in this case being the overall experience of the patient. Apart from the long overdue technological  advancements that had yet to be introduced to the field this project takes on the challenge of rethinking the interaction process on the basis of a simple paradigm shift: the cable is not the unwanted but necessary data transmitter, it‘s wanted, useful and enables comfortable doctor-patient-interaction!


We, Danny Stoermer and myself, went through extensive mockup-phases as well as rooms full of KAPA-boards. Unfortunately it is too much for this platform to display our entire process but for a deeper look into this project please visit my page.


A small excerpt:



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