Summer 2014

The fingernail: the natural histogram

The human anatomy is the result of a long evolutionary process. But the fingernail does not seem to be of any use or have a specific purpose, other than the cultural and social interest in individualization. As a sensitive body part the fingernail served as the interesting starting point. Facts: The fingernail grows over four to six months. Its growth is influenced by a lot of different factors varying from the vitamin level, stress level and health in general. The changes in those and other factors change the shape, color, geometry and nail matrix enclosures and color.

Potential: Over the course of four to six months the fingernail stores vital health information that could help doctors evaluate the patients health history and give insights into where health problems might come from. The principle of changes in chemistry resulting in physical changes might also be applicable and desirable in other fields.

What if the change in the chemistry of food could alter the packagings appearance to indicate the goodness of the content?

(chemical changes lead to physical changes)

What if a breathing mask could tell the difference bewteen clean air and polluted air and adjust its filters accordingly?

(chemical changes lead to physical changes)

What if a cast could sense the healing progress and adjust its stiffness to support the rehabilitation process?

(chemical changes lead to physical changes)



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